About Nouan sport

Since 1993, the company began work in the sports field. The company has specialized in sports equipment to multiple destinations works inside and outside Egypt for multiple views of the clubs - Schools - Universities - Hotels - youth centers - open - playgrounds general contracting companies - and private business Balochkals the company has worked since the first day to provide all Ahtejat customers and in less time possible and at the lowest cost and best performance. To continue this service, the company has worked on the development of performance through the establishment of a factory specializing in the work of rubber granules and raw materials used in the work of industrial flooring and a continuation of the development of the company created another factory for the processing of ores Alaclerk imported used for flooring for industrial wide upgrading Our studies and experience our way and good management of the possibilities available to our customers is end to satisfy them
Strength is in our ability and our confidence in our outstanding over the years
Our mission
Our company has made development is the main goal always have in order to get to work in the field of industrial flooring for sports stadiums to the highest quality at the lowest cost
This requires the development of our company
Establish specialized factories in industrial flooring
The use of specialized equipment in fixtures
Continuing Studies and the establishment of a specialized laboratory company for the work of the new samples and standard specifications and be subject to global centers specialized in accordance with international standards
Our vision
Workplace in this field in Egypt always requires resorting to foreign companies as well as resorting to foreign installation experience, which requires the cost burden to create stadiums industrial flooring specialist Therefore, the number of usable pitches to set up tournaments in Egypt is the numbers are very limited so it was our vision since the first day of the establishment of the company is to work on the transfer of foreign expertise in this area to Egypt and the training of the hands of a skilled in the use of modern equipment and this was the first phase
The second phase is to begin to participate in the production of raw materials for these products for industrial flooring
The third phase is the development of these products so that they are more appropriate for the nature of the Egyptian valid from the air, land and method of use
All this to create a multi-use sports fields with appropriate Egyptian nature of mathematical surfaces at the lowest cost and highest efficiency in the least time possible and simple maintenance
To provide an opportunity for all communities and classes of the Egyptian people to exercise because of its good benefits in the way of advancement of our country, Egypt,

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